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Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. has created the following application to safeguard young participants from being "over-researched and under served". The form should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

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Please be advised that projects with less than 30 days notice may not be considered
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1. Research Question *
Example: Does _________ (name the theory) explain the relationship between _________ (independent variable) and _________ (dependent variable), controlling for the effects of _________ (control variable)?
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2. Contribution *
How does your research contribute to the knowledge base on marginalized youth?
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3. Methods and Procedures *
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Analysis of existing records
Snowball sampling
Participant observation
Covert observation
Observation of organizational practices
Participant(s) completes questionnaire in hard copy
Participant(s) completes online questionnaire or task
Using social media
Focus group(s)
Audio recording(s)
Video recording(s)
Photography of participant(s)
Deception is involved in the study
Participatory research methods
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