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What is Audio Description (AD)?
Audio Description (or AD) helps to make visual imagery accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. Visual elements can include:

- For performance: scenes, costumes, sets, props, and character appearances, along with action, movements, gestures, facial expressions and other visually important images, as well as identification and association of actor voices and unidentified or unascribable sounds.
- For film/video: Similar to the above, with the addition of screen text and sometimes framing, type of shot, or orientation to the camera.
- For visual arts and other exhibits: the medium, size, color, shape, orientation, dimensions, textures, components, overall layout, the exhibit space, and more.
- For live events (such as presentations or ceremonies): accounting and identification of the individuals present and in particular those who speak, along with appearances, the space, presentation slides or images, and other important visual elements  
- For wayfinding: guidance through a space and description of important elements, especially as related to an event's purpose.

For all projects, its used to enhance understanding and enjoyment by the audience, patrons, and/or participants.
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