Games Y'all Game submission form!
Want to show a game or project at a Games Y'all monthly meet up? You're in in the right place.

Our Mission is to celebrate, amplify, and support unique games and underrepresented groups within indie games and beyond. This form and our selection process are an extension of our mission. We are specifically looking to uplift smaller teams, smaller games, projects that don't quite fit the "games" mold, and folks from marginalized groups.

We use the words game and project interchangeably in this form but, if selected, we will be in contact to ask which term you prefer for your project!

Applications are reviewed by the selection committee on a rolling basis. If accepted, we'll reach out to discuss schedule and logistics. If declined, we'll let you know why.

Thanks for being here.
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Tell us about yourself!
What is your name?
What is your email address?
Are you local to Austin?
Games Y'all monthly meet ups take place in Austin, TX. No wrong answers, this is used for planning, not for determining acceptance!
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Tell us about you!
What's your bio? Have you made any games before? Do you have any related links or social media handles, or anything else you'd like to share?
Do you belong to a group that is historically marginalized or underrepresented in games?
In the context of our mission statement we are looking to uplift underrepresented voices. Are there ways in which you are under represented in games? Tell us more about this and yourself if you'd like!
Who are you?
Tell us about your game!
What is the name of your project?
Tell us about your project!
Let us know about the game, what stage it's in, any related links you'd like to share.
How big is your team?
All are welcome to apply but keep in mind we are primarily looking to uplift smaller teams and underrepresented voices!
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What is your Developer, Team, or Studio name?
Are there any content warnings, potentially triggering themes, or NSFW content in your project?
Yes is an okay answer! This info will help is know when and where to place your game or how to thoughtfully contextualize it at an event.
Games Y'all nitty gritty
How is your game physically played? What is required to play it?
EX: What platform is your game on and what do you need to show it? We will provide a table and power. We recommend bringing your own hardware, but have several Alienware Steam Machines, monitors, Lenovo laptops, and controllers available.
What do you hope to get out of presenting at Games Y'all?
(see question below for long form responses)
Anything else you hope to get out of presenting?
Skip this question if everything was covered above, but if there is anything that makes Games Y'all uniquely special for showing your game this is a great place to let us know!
When would you hope to present at Games Y'all?
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How would you be able to show off your project?
Check the highest box you or someone on your project would be comfortable with. Games Y'all monthly meet ups take place in Austin, TX. No wrong answers, this is used for planning, not for determining acceptance!
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Final Question
almost done
Is there anything else you would like to share?
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