RASCAL Spay/Neuter Scheduling Request - Ashland County, Ohio
*Submission of this request does NOT guarantee scheduling on the next clinic. This form is also to be used for dental and vaccine requests. RASCAL only schedules 30 surgeries to a bus. All our clinics occur on a Saturday for 2021. You will be contacted via phone, text or email with your appointment confirmation date/time and pre-surgery instructions.

This Form is intended to assist The Humane Society of Ashland County become more efficient in the scheduling of the reduced cost spay/neuter program offered. We are all volunteers donating our personal time to make this service available to Ashland County, Ohio.
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Does Your Pet Need to Be Brought Current on Rabies Vaccination? *
Rabies WILL be given at clinic for pets who are not current, there is no need to go elsewhere prior to clinic to obtain. Those who state their pet is current will be required to bring proof in paper format (receipt or certificate), the tag on collar WILL NOT WORK.
Additional Services *
RASCAL Unit provides most service of a local vet that does not require an overnight stay. (RASCAL does not provide cat declaw). To assist in scheduling please choose the appropriate box to you and your pet. You will be speaking to someone in person for scheduling so you can explain further, if needed at that time.
Would you like to Pay in Advance of Clinic with Credit Card? *
Cash or Check is only forms of payment accepted at event, we are now offering an email invoice in advance of clinic to use any credit/debit card of your choice. There is a credit card convenience fee of approximately 3% of your total bill that will be included on invoice. We will send you the invoice AFTER we have spoken with you and given you a scheduled appointment, payment will be due prior to event.
Thank You - Whats Next?
Thank you for your submission. Your name is automatically logged into a spreadsheet in order it was received (it does NOT matter what month you clicked on to start registration). Volunteers work from top to bottom of spreadsheet, so if you enter the name of the same pet multiple times you may hear from us multiple months, even after scheduling you previously. We ask you please refrain from doing such.

You will be CALLED by a volunteer when we reach your name, if you do not answer a message will be left if able. You need to call us back and let us know if you are still interested in services. We have discontinued using email for scheduling at this time.

Only 30 surgeries per bus are done on a monthly basis as stated previously, we generally run 2 buses, one dedicated to dogs and one dedicated to cats. As you can imagine this low cost service is very popular so we can get several months backlogged, ESPECIALLY the dog bus. Your name will remain on this list until called.
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