Talk proposal for KISS2016: Emergence
Share your results with the audience that can best appreciate your struggles and accomplishments — your fellow Kyma practitioners! Have you solved a problem, finished a game, completed a collaborative artwork, completed a successful performance, or collaborated with a researcher from another discipline? Are you particularly proud of some sounds you designed for a film, a game or an advertisement? Are you proposing a live performance for one of the evening concerts? Share your stories, the challenges, the solutions, the lessons learned, and your hopes and plans for the future!

Keynotes are longer talks specifically related to the theme of the conference and should tie together concepts of emergence, the city of Leicester, and/or ideas from computer music, sound design, and Kyma.
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Since KISS2016 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work (if unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent your attendance, your presentation may have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different proposal without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee. Although, our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters or performers, De Montfort University has generously offered a conference fee waiver to each principal presenter and a discounted (student rate) conference fee for co-presenters and performers.
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