Achalam - Group Workcamp India
18th of Dec to 26th of Dec 2016

Open for 10 volunteers from Hong Kong
Age: 15-29 years
Program fee: 2000HKD per person, including air ticket
(This project is funded by Belt & Road Scheme of HKSAR Government)
Interview date: October 2016 (date to be confirmed)

ABOUT Achalam Workcamp:
Achalam is an EcoAshram that offers people space to reflect in contemplation of their inner nature as they return to their grass roots of living in nature. The ashram was established in 2008 in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai better known for the sacred mountain Arunachala, that has drawn souls for centuries with its power to awaken people to their innate inner peace.

Brief Description of Workcamp
Today there are three housing structures made of mud, stone and iron along with a communal bathroom that offers simple accommodation to visiting pilgrims. A teacher in mindfulness offers meditation and self awareness programmes to enhance the inner journey of self discovery as volunteers help to develop the land with the use of natural materials.

Participants will experience:
What it’s like to live in a living, breathing structure like mud or stone, enjoy Indian home
Village style Indian home cooking over an open fire.
Meeting local Indian farmers and their families, visiting their humble homes with culture appreciation of how they live simple yet hard lives working their land with such little return.
The traditional rural building methods of south India.
How to maximize the use of the natural resources on the land for sustainable living.
Guided meditations and mindful practices that enable you to objectively observe your own mindset tendencies and recognize how to disassociate from reckless thinking and manage your own attitude.

ACCOMMODATION: Three accommodation houses with separated space for male and female will be provided during the workcamp. No beds available but pillows and mats are provided. Sleeping is on the floor. Pls. bring your own sleeping bag, pillowcase, and mosquito net.

FOOD: All food is vegetarian with flavoursome Indian spices added like chili powder, pepper, turmeric, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds etc. as the basic ingredients. The food will be adjustable according to the requirement and taste of the group.
Volunteers will assist the local cook at the campsite with food preparation and will learn traditional Indian village style cooking over an open fire. We believe that food is very important part of knowing a new culture.
Typical local food is rice and curry. In addition there will be some local varieties such as Idly, Dosa, Chapatti, Biryani , Palak Paneer, Dahl

LEISURE TIME: Auroville is an interesting modal eco village located 2 hours away from the campsite. It is a self-sustainable community and uses alternative energy. Two-day tour (stay overnight) in included on the last day of the camp to learn about the eco concepts and alternative energy. Volunteers who wish to spend a few days in the village can stay in a guesthouse in the village. Visit the website for more info :
Other activities
Walking around the mountain Arunachala and visiting the caves, ashrams, temples, orphanages, local schools.

The SCI insurance scheme provides basic cover for illness and accidents (injure) for the duration of the camp. However, you are expected to take your own personal belongings and accident insurance.

Two and half hours drive from Chennai airport - south India

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