Permaculture for Farms: conference and farm visits
But you can register to participate in the conference (20 EUR/day, online participation 10 EUR/day) 11 - 13 of July and to the guided tour in English to the farm of the Ecological Institute of Sustainable Development (30 EUR with food) 14th of July (Gömörszőlős, Hungary).

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Do you speak English?
During the farm visits 6-10 of July we provide translation into English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian. The conference will be held in English without translation (we will provide translation of the recorded presentations in subtitles to the languages listed above)
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Please, briefly describe your knowledge and experience in permaculture
Please, indicate also if you have already completed the Certification Permaculture Design Course (write the year of completion and the name of the trainers)
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Whom would you recommend us to invite as the conference presenters?
The conference covers technical, social, economic and sectoral aspects of permaculture farming (agroecology, ecological farming). Both in-person and online presenters are welcomed. We can translate the presentations from Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian languages. Please, give us short explanation and provide contact information of proposed presenters (including the internet links).
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Do you like to conduct the presentation at the conference?
Your input will make this event meaningful. Both in-person and online presenters are welcome. If you are not able to present in English we can pre-record a limited number of presentations in Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian languages and provide translation in subtitles. We offer free participation, cover food and acomodation costs, and provide 60 EUR honorarium to the conference presenters. Please, provide your short biography (up to 10 lines or 720 characters including spaces), topic and abstract/summary of your presentations (which should be also up to 10 lines or 720 characters including spaces), and link to your web-site and presentations (if any). You can also send this information by Email to perma.ukraine(et) including your photo and 2 photos/diagrams if you wish to illustrate the profile of your presentation at our web-site.
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Do you want to propose the topic to discuss in the minigroups?
There will be a parallel interactive session when we can go more in-depth with specific topics, establish new collaborations, conduct brainstorming to collect ideas and solve the problems. We will also discuss the development of the network of the permaculture education and demonstration sites in the region.
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Do you like to host the visit to your farm before or after the conference?
Scheduled visits are planned for a small group, while there will be more participants at the conference wishing to see best examples of the permaculture / ecological farming. Please, provide the name and address of your farm, link to the web-site, areas of specialization, list the elements you can show at your farm and any workshops you can organize for visitors. Inform us about desired date(s) and duration of the visit (conference dates - 11 - 13 of July 2017), desired (min and max) size of the group, registration fee and transport connection from Gömörszőlős, Hungary.
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Would you like to help as a volunteer (50% discount or participation as a supported delegate)
For those who need a support
Only 5 delegates from each country (Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine) will be supported for each of the events thanks to the grant from the International Visegrad Fund). Please, explain what are the benefits for you and for you national permaculture organization to select you the delegate? Are you going to establish a permaculture education and demonstration site in your country? Please, fill this section carefully.
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Transport, accommodation, food
See more information on our web-site:
Rented bus and car lifthing
We will rent a bus to travel between the farms. See bus route and timetable here: . Please, indicate which part of the route would you like to travel with us by bus. Please, indicate if you can offer or if you need a car lift (indicate the route and dates).
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If you are coming by your own transport
Please, indicate the type of your vehicle
Accommodation - type
Please, indicate desired accommodation option during the conference. We cover the cost of dormitory for the delegates and conference presenters. These are three (with bathroom) or four (with shared bathroom for 8 people) beds rooms. These type of accommodation can be found in the village and in the next village 2 km away. The single rooms can be found 11 km away from Gömörszőlős in apartment houses. We can solve the transport. There are rooms in the village without bathroom, but water and composting toilets are available.
Accommodation - duration
Please, mark all nights when you need an accommodation. This section refers to both farm visits and the conference.
Please, indicate the type of food you need (you can specify your diet in the section below). We cover the food cost for the delegates and conference presenters
Would you like to join a party during the conference (12 of July 2017, 19:00 - 21:00, 15 EUR, not included to the registration fee)
Kids and special needs
We provide free participation in the event for the kids below 16 and for accompanying persons (you should pay the const of their food and accommodation). There will be an allocated room for kids and volunteer coordinator. We will compose a duty chart so that your kids will be always supervised by someone. You are solely responsible for your kids and their behavior during the event.
Please, specify the age of your kids and how they will be supervised during the conference
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Special needs
Disabilities, food allergies, special diet, health issues, other requirements
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