SIR Medical Student Council Application (2017-2018)
Applications for the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Medical Student Council (MSC) for the 2017-2018 cycle are due by Friday, March 31st, at 11:59 PM, EST. Thereafter, although applications for the MSC will be closed, you may still apply to join a RFS Service Line. Please note that there is no way to save this form. Thus, you may wish to copy the questions into a Word or Pages document, answer the questions in that file, and then paste them into the form. Please e-mail the MSC at with any questions.
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Prior Leadership Experience
For the next question, we're trying to get a sense of what you might be capable of as a member of the MSC. While it is acceptable to mention your titles, it's much more helpful if you describe specifically what you did. For example, you could tell me that you were the director of a dance company during your senior year of college. However, it's much more informative to know that you managed the funding for the company, organized three recitals, choreographed and costumed a dance in each recital, and donated the proceeds from the final recital--over $800--to benefit your local women's shelter.
Please describe previous leadership experience.
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MSC Committees (Note: Applications for MSC are closed for the 2017-2018 year, but you are welcome to apply to join an RFS service line. Please only answer the last question of this application, which is the required question to complete this application. Thank you!)
The SIR MSC is comprised of four committees.

Education & Research Committee: The goal of Education & Research is to expand medical student educational resources via YouTube videos, article reviews on latest IR research, webinars (clinical lectures, application cycle), and case presentations on high yield IR topics.

IR Interest Group: The goal of IRIG is to create and strengthen new and existing IRIGs nationwide. Its progress is managed by maintaining and updating an IRIG database, as well as updating guidebooks to help IGs succeed.

Patient & Family Centered Care: The goal of Patient & Family Centered Care is to showcase humanism in IR via patient interviews, disease narratives, ethical cases from patient perspectives, and patient-focused webinars.

PR & Communications: The goal of the PR & Communications is to increase medical student aware of IR and SIR. They are in charge of recruiting new SIR medical student members, expand SIR on social media, publish a blog and newsletter, and advertise the website's resources and upcoming conferences.

You can see the efforts of our committees on our website: and are encouraged to familiarize yourself with some of the projects before proceeding.

Please propose an idea for expanding current projects for at least two of the committees below. Note that a single, thoughtful project idea is better than a large, vague list of ideas. Ideally, your ideas would be for the committees you were most interested in joining. You can also choose to answer a question by demonstrating how you would develop and complete a project idea in a prospective committee.

Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Education & Research Committee. (Please disregard this question.)
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the IRIG Committee. (Please disregard this question.)
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the Patient & Family Centered Care Committee. (Please disregard this question.)
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Please propose how you would expand on a project idea for the PR & Communications Committee. (Please disregard this question.)
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Please indicate your preferred committee assignment.
Please indicate your second choice committee assignment.
Please indicate your third choice committee assignment.
Please indicate your fourth choice committee assignment.
RFS service lines
Please note that the MSC is only looking for approximately 25 new members this year. However, the SIR Residents and Fellows Service Lines are also looking for students to help out. You may read more about the service lines here: Please indicate which, if any, service lines you would be interested in joining below. In the event that you are not selected to join the MSC, we will connect you with the appropriate service line chairs based on availability.
Which RFS Service Lines would you be interested in joining?
Thank you for your interest in the SIR MSC!
We look forward to reading your application. Applications received after April 1, 2017 will receive answers on a rolling basis. If that changes, we will update you at the e-mail address provided above. Cheers!
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