Humanistic Adaptation of the Maryland Physics Expectations (HAMPEX) survey

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: We are asking you to respond to the statements in our adaptation of the MPEX instrument (http://www.physics.umd.edu/perg/expects). The aggregate responses will be used in our attempts to establish a professional baseline to which student responses will be compared.

BENEFITS OF THE STUDY: If a meaningful baseline can be established, we hope to use it to get a better sense of when students' attitude and expectations converge to those of their educators.

WHAT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO DO: If you are an educator in the humanities, then we ask that you provide your responses to the statements included in the survey; this activity should take about 10 minutes. If you are not an educator in the humanities, then please do not participate.

RISKS: To the best of our knowledge, there are no risks associated with this activity.

COMPENSATION FOR INJURY: We will offer no compensation for the injuries that may be caused by this activity.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE STUDY: If you would like to get more information, then please contact Michael Smith (http://faculty.ithaca.edu/mismith, Associate Professor of History, Ithaca College, mismith@ithaca.edu, (607) 274-1290) or Ali Erkan (http://faculty.ithaca.edu/aerkan, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Ithaca College, aerkan@ithaca.edu, (607) 274-1764).

WITHDRAWING FROM THE STUDY: If there is any reason to do so, please feel free to decline participation.

HOW THE DATA WILL BE MAINTAINED IN CONFIDENCE: This exercise is based on an anonymous survey. The data we receive will be used only in aggregate form. In the event that aggregate results are drawn for particular subgroups (as defined by the demographic information we collect), we will exclude results whenever they apply to fewer that three members.

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