Request to add School/Institution to Vericant School Database for Score Users
Please use this form to request your University/College/High School be added to Vericant's database. Once the form has been submitted, Vericant will be notified and will update their database within 48 hours. After being added to the database institutions will still need to add an institutional user (email) associated with the account. Vericant will notify you when your school has been added and you can create this institutional user.  

An ”Institutional user" is a user with an email address that matches the domain name of their chosen school and/or program. An institution can have multiple users.

Please note that each unique email address is only allowed to be associated with one institution  If you are a user who needs access to multiple different departments then please contact for additional support.
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If you selected Graduate (Grad) School Programs, what is the specific name of your program or school within your institution? (This is optional, but recommended as it will help students identify your program more easily.)
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