Architectural Survey - Periyar Bus Stand and Surroundings

The Postgraduate (M.Arch) students of the Department of Architecture, Thiagarajar College of Engineering are undertaking an academic project for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Periyar bus stand and Town Hall Road.

To undertake a project like this, the priorities and the necessities of the varied user types ( like tourists,local residents,shop keepers,hawkers,bus drivers,students etc) have to be addressed.

This survey is intended for the above said purpose and will help students arrive at context based , sensible solutions for the existing problems of the area.

Kindly spare 10 mins of your time to fill this survey for "NAMMA MADURAI" .The data is to be used only for academic purposes.

Thank you.
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Are you sure about the bus boarding points for different destinations in the bus stand ?
At present, Is it convenient to reach from complex bus stand to Periyar bus stand by crossing the in between road ?
What connections do you prefer between both the bus stands?
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