Melon Network™ | Developer Application
Rules & Guidelines apply as follow:
🡆 Age 13+. We will not accept anyone who is 12 or younger as they do not fit within Discord's age guidelines.
🡆 You must be mature and professional at all times.
🡆 You shall not tell other staff to read your application. If so you will be DENIED on the spot.
🡆 You must have not been given any punishments within the last week.
🡆 You MUST have Discord & a working microphone. (Required now)
🡆 In addition to the requirement above, you must be on our discord server.
🡆 Vow to not abuse your given permissions nor to disturb a player's experience in any shape or form.
🡆 Take this application seriously and respectfully. Being honest or not about your application will depend on the end result of your application.
How old are you? *
Minimum age is 14
What is your minecraft username? *
What is your discord tag? *
What experience do you have in developing? *
Why should you be chosen as a developer on our team over other people? *
Have you made anything in your time worth mentioning? *
How long have you been developing for? (Please include how long you have been scripting or whatever you usually do and if so what major projects you have been working on or completed) *
What languages are you good at? OR that you use that could benefit our network? *
Why do you want to be a developer on our network over other servers? *
How can we trust you over others? *
What is your timezone? *
When are you mostly active or online? *
Are you able to join a voice call and communicate with other developers? *
Have you worked on other servers in your time? (If so please include other servers you have worked on)
Based on your experience how would you rate yourself? *
Not Experienced
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