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This, That, or Both!
Loves it all
Sweet or Salty?
This, That, or Both!
Pour a glass!
Not a fan
Bourbon inspired?
This, That, or Both!
They want every piece!
Just a mini or two!
They prefer other table top pieces
Nora Fleming?
This, That, or Both!
Wine all the time!
Only a glass or two!
It's not for them.
This, That, or Both!
All day!
Every now and then
They don't even have a oven
Do they cook a lot?
This, That, or Both!
They season everything!
A little salt and pepper
Not often
This, That, or Both!
All the way!
Not from Kentucky.
Kentucky fans?
This, That, or Both!
Barbecues every weekend!
They aren't into flipping burgers.
Big Grillers?
This, That, or Both!
Never too many!
Maybe just one more.
They already have one.
Hydration cups, mugs, and bottles?
This, That, or Both!
Yes, please!
Just a few!
Not much for snacks.
Gourmet Foods?
This, That, or Both!
They love saving the environment!
They'll stick to their plastic water bottles
This, That, or Both!
They love the birds!
They don't like the outdoors.
Monograms? If so initials?
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