Puppetize PDX 2019 Talk Submission
Our Call For Papers (CFP) for Puppetize PDX is now live! We’re looking for talks that cover the full spectrum of infrastructure and application delivery automation. Cloud-native talks are great, but we’re also keen on hearing how you’re improving your heritage, legacy, aka “makes all the money” IT infrastructure. Culture is awesome (unless it sucks) and we’d love to hear your stories about cultural transformation, whether you call that DevOps, or something else.

Event details: 9-10 October in Portland, Oregon
Talk length: 30 minutes (not including Q&A)
CFP close date: 1 May 2019. There will not be an extension this year.

Here are some topics to consider:
* Scaling DevOps practices (or scaly DevOps practices: this is a dragon friendly conference as well!)
* Hybrid cloud deployments
* Cloud-native application delivery (not to be confused with cloud-native deliveries - we get enough rain in Portland as it is)
* Ensuring security and compliance policies at scale
* Modernizing legacy infrastructure and applications

If you're not sure if it's a good fit, just submit it! We're excited to see what you have to share.

We provide some travel and hotel sponsorships for accepted speakers who are underrepresented in tech whose employers won't cover them. This includes people of color, women, LGBTQ folks, and much more. There's a section on the form where you can indicate if a sponsorship would enable you to participate.

Reach out to community@puppet, or in the #puppetize-pdx room of the Puppet Community Slack, (https://slack.puppet.com) with any questions. We're happy to bounce ideas in the #speaking room of the slack as well.

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