Computer Technology Integration Survey-Physical Education
Directions: The Purpose of this survey is to determine your experiences and confidence in integrating technology into Physical Education. Please answer each question as completely and honestly as possible.
This research project is designed to help us evaluate To see what role self-efficacy plays in technology integration with in-service PE Teachers
There are several parts to this project. They are: Part I: Background Information; Part II: Technology Integration Self-Efficacy; Part III: Physical Education Technology Competencies; Part IV: Technology Use
The whole activity should take about 10 minutes. Participants will not compensated.
Identifiable Information:
You will NOT be asked to provide identifiable personal information
All efforts, within reason, will be made to keep your personal information private but total privacy cannot be promised. Your information may be shared with MTSU or the government, such as the Middle Tennessee State University Institutional Review Board, Federal Government Office for Human Research Protections, if you or someone else is in danger or if we are required to do so by law.
Contact Information:
If you should have any questions about this research study or possibly injury, please feel free to contact Alex Adams by telephone at 615-878-9769 or by email at OR my faculty advisor, Don Belcher, at, 1 615-898-2904. You can also contact the MTSU Office of compliance via telephone (615 494 8918) or by email ( This contact information will be presented again at the end of the experiment.
Participant Response Section
I have read this informed consent document pertaining to the above identified research
The research procedures to be conducted are clear to me
I confirm I am 18 years or older
I am aware of the potential risks of the study
By clicking below, I affirm that I freely and voluntarily choose to participate in this study. I understand I can withdraw from this study at any time without facing any consequences.
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