2020 ALAO Election Nomination Form
Remember that you must be an ALAO member in order to run for office and to vote, so this is a perfect time to join or renew (https://www.alaoweb.org/join). Additionally, no member of the Executive Board, elected or appointed, may serve in more than one position simultaneously without formal approval from the board.

What does the ALAO Board do?
The Ohio chapter of ACRL has a mission of advancing academic library services in our state and providing opportunities for education and growth for library personnel at all levels and at every career stage. We sponsor an annual conference and spring workshops that focus on innovative topics and showcase Ohio academic librarians; we provide scholarships and awards; and we maintain several active, diverse interest groups and committees. In addition, we have an active mentoring program that pairs up Ohio academic librarians for peer, intergenerational, leadership, or student mentoring relationships.

What is my role as an ALAO Board member?
1. Perform the duties described for your elected position (see the ALAO Procedures Manual for the specific duties and responsibilities of each position: https://www.alaoweb.org/procmanual/index.html).
2. Attend the annual Board retreat (July 31, 2020 at OhioNET).
3. Attend four Board meetings per year.

In 2020, we will be electing the following officers:
• Vice President/President-Elect
• Secretary
• Membership Chair
• Board Member At Large (3 positions)

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