Upper Room eCourse Group Request
After you fill out this request form, we will contact you based on the order in which requests are received. If you have questions please email us at urelearning@upperroom.org.

FAQ #1: How do I get my group registered? (This is often asked with "Does it cost anything to get a group set up?)

ANSWER: Complete this form (9 short questions) or email us at UReLearning@UpperRoom.org to get started. No cost is involved for us to create a classroom for your group. The cost involved is for participant registration whether paid for in a single group purchase or paid for individually per registrant.

FAQ #2: How much does it cost?

ANSWER: Prices vary depending on the eCourse. For example, our 2017 Advent eCourse is $19 for individuals. Group rates for that eCourse are as follows.

1 - 4 people = No Discount: Group is created and all users register on their own at $19 per person.
5 people = 10% Discount for 5 People ($85 USD) Normally $95
10 people = 12% Discount for 10 People ($167 USD) Normally $190
15 people = 15% Discount for 15 People ($242 USD) Normally $285
20 people = 20% Discount for 20 People ($304 USD) Normally $380

FAQ #3: When does the eCourse start?

ANSWER: Again, it varies with some beginning and ending at your pace once the eCourse is released while others, including our present year Advent and Lent seasonal eCourses, have start and end dates. For example: On November 26, 2017 (one week before the first Sunday of Advent) we began sending daily email reminders inviting participants to engage with eCourse contents. As you gain access to content you are welcome to take the eCourse at any pace and in any order you would like. We offer the email reminders for our seasonal eCourses as a guide to journey along with us and others throughout the season.

FAQ #4: Can I add more people to my group later?

ANSWER: Yes, Individuals can register at the individual rate at any time. The discounted group rate can be purchased again as well, but only by a new registrant.

For more answers email us at UReLearning@UpperRoom.org.

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