Join The GymboFams Ambassador Program
We're looking for families who love Gymboree Play & Music and sharing on social media!

It's no secret that families love posting beautiful photos of their kids on Instagram and we're looking for a dedicated group of Gymboree Play & Music families to be influencers on Instagram in addition to doing a bit of blogging.

We're calling our new Ambassador Program GymboFams.

This is a pretty fun gig that we think you'll love. It's super simple to apply and we're going to get this program up and running on May 1st.

Here's what we're looking for --

1) Gymboree Play & Music families (moms, dads and caregivers) who have a keen eye for taking artful and interesting photos and videos of kids, and our equipment, toys, Gymbo, etc. We'll get you hooked up with your local teachers and go over photo permissions once you're in the program.

2) You're interested in posting 5-7 quality photos per week on your Instagram account with the #gymbofams hashtag and an at to @gymboreeplayandmusic, creating 1-2 videos and writing 1-2 blog posts (we'll have more guidance on this once you're in the program).

3) We're searching for (moms, dads and caregivers) who have an active Instagram following and a public account -- we'll be reposting some of the photos that you post on our HQ Instagram account:

4) A one month commitment to the GymboFam program.

What you get for being a GymboFam--

1) Camaraderie! You'll be part of our group of GymboFams influencers and you'll have access to our private Facebook group where you can meet other Gymbo Families, ask questions and get support.

2) The Spotlight! We want to give our Gymbo Families some time in the spotlight by sharing your work on our North American social media channels and media.

If this program sounds like it's right up your alley simply fill out this form.

To apply simply fill out this form.

We can't wait to meet you!

-The Gymboree Play & Music Team
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