Open Lab Grant
The Open Lab Grant is an initiative of BioHubIL Sponsored by Mercury and hosted at the miLAB at the Interdisciplinary center in Herzlia.
Projects must have a main life science idea, The grant is open for: artists, makers, students, scientists, entrepreneurs.

Mercury is providing 5000 NIS worth of lab supplies.

Full prototyping workshop with BSL1 bench.

Join us !

For more info:

Q: Do you take IP?
A: No.

Q: What kind of equipment is available?
A: The available equipment is mostly the one used for general molecular biology and microbiology work. Specifically:
1. PCR machine
2. Water bath (with heating option)
3. Millipore for water purification
4. Heat Block
5. Shaker Incubator
5. Hot plate stirrer
6. Mini centrifuge
7. Mini gel electrophoresis
8. Pipettes
9. Vortex
10. Lab grade scale
11. 4 degrees fridge
12. -20 freezer
13. Hood with UV lamp
14. -80 available in another building

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