Bury Mutual Aid Group - COVID-19 Response Volunteers Signup
This form if for those living in and around the Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester who wish to help the Bury Mutual Aid Group support and aid those in our community during the current crisis.

The Mutual Aid Group is currently co-ordinated through our Facebook group which can be found here:
If you haven't already, please join here for all the up-to-date information on our activities.

These details are provided for Bury Mutual Aid Group to co-ordinate its volunteers and the data provided will not be given externally nor used for any other purpose than that of managing volunteers within the group, without your express permission.
What name should we call you? *
What are your pronouns? *
What assistance can you give? *
Do you drive & have the use of a vehicle? *
What times and days can you help out? *
These can naturally be very flexible, stay in touch with a co-ordinator for up to date requirements.
Please write the best way to contact you and your full contact details below. *
It is very important we are able to get in touch with you. If you wish to be contacted by messenger, please give your full name as it appears on Facebook here.
What is your Postcode? *
Would you be willing to become a Local Co-ordinator?
If you have additional time to give, please consider becoming a Local Co-ordinator and help us manage our volunteers. Sign-up at https://forms.gle/mP9DgeSJXXyySaaF6
Thankyou for your support
A co-ordinator will be in touch as soon as possible, but given the current situation, this make take longer than usual.
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