The Matthew 25:40 Ministry Volunteer Application for Individuals
Volunteer Guidelines
Volunteers play a very important role at The Matthew 25:40 Ministry. We could not function as a ministry to the poor without the generous gifts of your time, talents, and hospitality. Because we so heavily depend on our volunteers, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

• Be punctual and conscientious. Arrive to the shelter at your designated time and be appropriately
dressed and ready to work. If you are not able to make your volunteer shift or if you will be late,
please call ahead and let us know.

• Do not give your personal information, including your full name, telephone number, and address,
to guests, and do not give out money.

• Practice the buddy system when entering and leaving the building. Feel free to ask staff to
accompany you!

• Immediately report inappropriate behavior or anything that makes you uncomfortable to staff.

• Do not get involved in guest disputes or clean up bodily fluids. Both cases should be referred to a
staff member.

These guidelines are for your protection and are intended to help you make wise decisions about your
involvement with the people we serve. Failure to follow these guidelines or to conduct yourself in a
professional manner may be reason to terminate your volunteer relationship with The Matthew 25:40 Ministry.

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