Cafe Barnabas Paid Internship Application
THANK YOU for all your hard work as a Cafe Barnabas volunteer.  Our volunteers are truly the magic behind the fun, energetic culture of the Cafe.  We're excited your considering a paid internship! As an intern, you'll not only receive all the same great volunteer benefits but will also earn $7.50 / hr while working in the cafe during your internship season. A cafe internship is 6 months long and would be considered seasonal employment as there is a beginning and end date. You would receive a W-2. (Ask your guardian)

1) $7.50 hourly
2) Must be min. 15 years old
3) Min. of 6 month of active volunteer experience

Internship Requirement
A Cafe Barnabas Missionary will guide you through your internship by challenging you to follow through on these requirements and providing encouragement. These 5 points are requirements necessary to maintain your internship with Cafe Barnabas.

1) Min. 2 shifts monthly
2) Financial Mentorship - 4-5  meetings with financial mentor
3) Academic Standard - Maintain min. B - average
4) Physical Activity - min. 1 physical activity weekly (ex: walking, a sport, etc.)
5) Emotional Mentorship - Attend weekly religious youth activities at a Cafe Barnabas partner church or organization.

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First & Last Name
E-mail *
What are 3 things you have learned as a Cafe Barnabas volunteer?
What is your favorite part of being a Cafe Barnabas volunteer?
Why would you be the best volunteer for a paid internship?
Do you feel you have always worked as hard as you can while volunteering in the cafe? Why did you answer yes, no, or maybe.
Tell your story; What is one time when you did something extraordinary while volunteering in the cafe?
How often do you use your phone while volunteering in the cafe?
Never ( I leave it at home)
Every 5 mins.
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When would you like to join the student internship team?
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Would you be able to work 2 shifts monthly ?
Max 3 hours School Day, Max 8 hours Non-School Day;  No later than 7pm School day, No later than 9pm Non-School day.
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Do you have a bank account?
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Save for Success!
Cafe Barnabas will help you get started with your savings account by gifting you a $25 opening deposit.
Paychecks will be direct deposited into your new account.
Would you be willing to meet with a financial mentor?
Cafe Barnabas would connect you with mentor. 4-5 meetings during your 6 month internship.
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Do you think you can maintain B's in all your school classes?
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What physical activity do you enjoy?
Will you be able to be physically active a minimum of once weekly?
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Emotional Mentorship
Getting involved with a local church gives you another great group of friends to hang out with and more adult mentors who are there for you.  The church you choose to participate with needs to be a Cafe Barnabas partner.   If you don't have a church, we'll provide you with a few recommendations. If you do have a church home, provide your pastor or youth pastor's contact information and we'll reach to to develop a partnership.
Would you be able to attend a weekly youth activity at a local church or other religious organization?
Clear selection
Do you currently go to church? If yes, which one?
Youth pastor or Pastor's contact
Name, E-mail, Cell phone number     ---  NA ( Please provide a few partnership organizations for me to consider )
Youth Group Activities
Want to get more involved with your youth group? If your youth group is going to camp, a mission trip, or youth conference during your internship, Cafe Barnabas will match any church scholarships up to 25% of the trip cost or $250.

Example:  Summer Camp cost $500

Your church provides a $125 scholarship
Cafe Barnabas will scholarship match by providing you with a $125 camp scholarship

Now you only have $250 of fundraising to do for camp.

What's Next?
We will review your application. If we agree that you would be a great fit, we'll schedule an interview / information session to walk through all the internship details.
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