Cryptocurrency Activity Research
Computer Science Major conducting research for a university project. Please help!
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Have you traded your traditional currency for cryptocurrency? (Ex: USD to BTC or Bitcoin) *
If you answered "No" to Question #1, why not?
If you answered "Yes", have you ever bought anything NOT online with your coins?
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(FOR ALL) Have you seen any local business near you utilize a POS tool such as EletroPay, BitPay Checkout, Coingate, or Walledo? *
If so, which POS tool was it? Was it difficult to use?
FOR ALL: Would you use cryptocurrency to pay for items such as groceries, parking tickets, etc if you receive money for doing so and the process of doing so was easy? *
FOR ALL: Do you believe businesses would begin to utilize more cryptocurrency POS tools if they understood that they can receive USD instantly, or their national currency, for each transaction (BitPay checkout)? *
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