SSMU Eating Disorder Campaign Survey
As part of its very first National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, SSMU offered programming to escalate awareness of the impact of Eating Disorders and disordered eating, dangerous stereotypes and myths surrounding these conditions, and the supports available for people living with or affected by them.

We are currently gathering testimonies and feedback from students in the hopes of establishing long-term, permanent on-campus resources to help students who struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating.

In this survey, we are defining "eating disorders" as patterns of severe restrictive and/or binge eating which may have a range of major physical and psychological consequences. Meanwhile, we are defining "disordered eating" as a broad range of problematic relationships to food which may cause physical and psychological discomfort. We acknowledge the difficulties involved in delineating certain behaviours as either an eating disorder or disordered eating. We also recognize that people can transition between these two conditions. We simply ask that you complete the survey in a way that feels closest to your experiences.

You can find more information on eating disorders/disordered eating here:

You can find a list of organizations in the Montreal area that offer support, treatment, and information about eating disorders/disordered eating here:
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