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The Bloomfield Information Project is a nonprofit public service journalism lab that wants to make our community more informed, engaged, and resilient. We’re part reporter and community advocate. And we'd like your help in setting our agenda.

We want to hear what you want to know about, what insight you have to share, and how you'd like to get involved in your community.

Your responses will direct the way in which we develop our programs, products, and services.

Any personal information you share will not be made public.

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If you were describing Bloomfield to someone who had never been here, what would you tell them?
When something happens in Bloomfield or your community, where do you hear about it?
Is there anything else you'd like to share about where you hear about what's happening in Bloomfield and your community? Any people or organizations that stand out?
What are one or two issues that you’re most passionate about in Bloomfield and your community?
What’s working well for Bloomfield and your community?
What concerns do you have about Bloomfield and your community?
What’s an issue or story in and around Bloomfield that people aren’t talking about, or that you think should be discussed more?
What kind of information would help you in your daily life or work, or help your community?
Our goal is to create opportunities for you to make Bloomfield more informed, engaged, and resilient. If support were provided, in which of the following ways would you be most interested in getting involved?
Is there anything else you'd like to share about how you want to get involved in the community?
Would you like to attend a two-hour small group conversation to meet other community members and discuss your priorities for Bloomfield? *
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