The next level...
Greetings Agent,

You are reading this because you have demonstrated allegiance to the Resistance, rejected the deadly lure of the succubus which is Enlightenment, to help us fight and keep humanity free from the Shaper menace.

It is effortless, though, to make claims, it is much harder to substantiate them. However substantiate them you must if you wish to truly be a force to be reckoned with, feared by all who follow the misguided teachings of Roland Jarvis, and revered by your peers.

For some this will be easy, nothing more than a formality; for those who have faltered, who have been tempted by the Shaper promises, this will be a little harder. We do not wish to see how high and how hard you can wave a blue flag, anyone can do that. This is about trust.

You must prove your worth through three stages of scrutiny, to have demonstrated beyond doubt that the only path for you is Resistance.

If this challenge is for you, then circle this page (, and let us begin...

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