Performance Teams Audition Form- 2024/25
The time has come to audition for Company, Pre-Company, and the Star Performance Teams! We are so excited for next season! Please complete the audition form below and submit it by May 6th, 2024.

Detailed information is available on our studio website at:

New to our Performance Team programs? Join us on Zoom Thursday, May 2nd at 8:15pm for information and the chance to ask any questions you might have. Here is the Zoom link-
The zoom link will also be sent out via email and can be found on the studio website at:

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to:
Brianna Wehrle, Company Director, at:
Annie Beile, Star Performance Team Director, at:

Email will be used as our primary method of communication. Please make sure you provide a valid PARENT email address below and one you check often!

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Dancer First Name *
Dancer Last Name *
Dancer Age: *
Dancer Birthdate: *
Grade Level Fall 2024 *
Parent First Name *
Parent Last Name *
Parent Phone Number: *
I am auditioning for (please select all that apply). It IS possible to be part of both Company and the Star Performance Team if a dancer would like to do so. *
Number of years dancing: *
By auditioning, you agree to abide by the final decision of the instructors on what groups/routines/styles of dance you are placed in.  We do take into heavy consideration your preference, but ultimately place dancers where we feel they will be most successful. Thank you and we are looking forward to a great year!
My child and I have read the Performance Group Information posted on the CSA website and understand the commitment involved in being in a Center Stage Performance Group. PARENT SIGNATURE: *
The following questions apply to Company & Pre-Company. If you are only interested in auditioning for the Star Performance team, please select/write N/A on all questions- thank you!
Are you planning on participating in the Production Routine? (Does not apply to Kindergarteners.) *
Are you interested in competing a solo, duet or trio for the 2024/25 Season? (Corps Company not eligible.) *
Guidelines Regarding Multiple Solos: A dancer must compete in at least 3 group routines for each solo they would like to compete with. For example, if a dancer would like to compete 2 solos, they need to compete in at least 6 group routines. 3 solos are only allowed during a dancer's 11th and 12th grade year.
If you selected yes above, what style(s) of dance would you like to compete? Please be as detailed as possible for each routine. (Write N/A if this does not apply to you.) *
IMPORTANT! Teacher preference is considered for solos/duets/trios but depending on availability another teacher may be assigned. We will always discuss the options with you before a teacher is assigned. Please DO NOT approach a specific choreographer before speaking with the Company Director.
Preferred Choreographer for SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS (or write N/A): *
If you are selected for Principal or Corps Company, you will be placed in either a weekly jazz/tap technique class or an academy jazz/tap class. You will not learn a competition routine within these classes. The routines you compete will be learned in the “specialty routines” you are placed in and referred to simply as Group Routines.

If you are selected for Pre-Company, you first will be placed in a Pre-Company class in which you will have jazz and tap competition routines that will be rehearsed during your weekly classes. All other routines will be considered "specialty routines" and referred to simply as Group Routines.

Please rank your preferred styles of group routines below, with 1 being your favorite style of dance and 6 being your least preferred style. You should only select each number once! For example, if Tap is my favorite style, I would select "1" under the Tap question, and would not select "1" for any other question.

Important note! Final decisions on which groups you will be placed in are made by the director and choreographers based on where they feel each student will be most successful. Some dancers may only be selected for production.
Jazz *
Tap *
Contemporary *
Lyrical *
Musical Theatre *
Hip Hop *
If a dancer is cast in a Specialty Lyrical or Contemporary Routine, they must take a weekly Lyrical/Contemporary class. Please select if you are willing to do so.
If a dancer is cast in a Specialty Hip Hop Routine, they must take a weekly Hip Hop class. Please select if you are willing to do so.
After discussing it with your family and understanding the time and financial commitment, what is the MAXIMUM number of competitive Group Routines (including production) you can participate in?  PLEASE NOTE: This number is extremely important! If you select 5, and we cast you in 5, you will be expected to participate in those 5 routines. You may not pick and choose and drop routines after the cast list is posted. If you drop there will be a fee of $100 per routine.
I have read the above and understand that my dancer will be expected to participate in the number of routines selected above and if we drop a routine there will be a fee of $100 per routine. PARENT SIGNATURE:
Please list any other anticipated extra-curricular activities you will be participating in for the 2024-2025 school year that may interfere with Company dance.  This would include (but not limited to) church activities, other performance opportunities, school activities including sports teams, band, choir, debate, musicals, plays, etc. (conflicts will still need to be submitted via the CSAconflicts google form at the start of the year):
Please list any times you are NOT available to rehearse.  Please be sure to list any recurring conflicts for Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays.  Conflicts will still need to be submitted via the CSAconflicts google form at the start of the year:
Please select if you are or are not available for the Summer Choreography Intensive August 12-16, 2024. Rehearsal times will be during the morning and afternoon. (Ability to be at the intensive could affect placement in routines.)
Thank you so much!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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