2020 "Unite for Success" High School Internship Application
DEADLINE to complete reference forms and applications: 12 p.m. Friday, May 8, 2020.

Please read each section carefully and complete all required steps. The more accurate and detailed your answers, the better we can place you in the best internship position to further your interests and skills.

To be considered for the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce "Unite for Success" Student Internship Program, each application MUST include 1-3 references. Ask 1-3 adults, who are not related to you, to complete the online reference form.

After you complete this application, you will be given a link to email to each reference. Please note, references may be contacted for follow up.
Name (First, Last) *
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High School *
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Grade (as of Jan. 1, 2020) *
Birthday (Month, Day, Year) *
Must be at least 16 by May 31, 2020 to participate (Must be born on or before May 31, 2002)
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Address (Street, City, State, Zip) *
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Email Address *
Most communication will be done by e-mail and phone
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Home Phone *
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Cell Phone *
(XXX) XXX - XXXX (Please say if this is your personal phone, a shared phone, or a parent's phone)
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Contact Availability *
When is the best time to call you if needed? Check all that you would be free. Please say if there are times or days you should not be called.
In case of emergency contact name: *
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Your relation to emergency contact: *
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Emergency contact phone *
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Emergency contact email *
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List Your Top Three Internship Choices *
You will complete your internship at one of our partnering Chamber member businesses or organizations. Select three of the companies below to indicate your top choices. Don't see a company you were especially interested in? Comment what you're looking for in the "other" option. VIEW DETAILS on each position at www.UniteForSuccess.com
Do you participate in extra-curricular activities? *
Please list your activities. (Ex: Sports, band, student council)
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Do you have any community service experience? *
If so, please list organization name, dates you participated, and activities you were involved in
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Do you have any employment experience? *
If so, please list company name, dates you worked, and your position title/duties
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Are you currently working? *
If so, please list company name and your position title/duties
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Will you continue to work during the summer? *
If so, please list dates and times you work
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Working With Your Schedule *
Do you have any events or activities that need to be taken into consideration when setting up your schedule? Specify dates and times. Interns will work for 40 OR 80 hours between June 1 - August 21 (The schedule will be determined by you and your mentor)
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Parent/Guardian Permission *
Parent/guardian: Please type your name and phone number below to give permission for student to participate in the Summer Internship program. (Required for consideration)
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Media Release *
Parent/Guardian: Please type your name below to give permission for photos to be taken of your child and used for program publicity (web and print materials.) If you do not want photos taken, type: N/A
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Why do you want to participate in the Summer Internship Program? *
Please describe in 2 - 4 paragraphs why you want to participate. Can include skills you have, personal background, career interest areas, etc.
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Important Skills in the Workplace *
Please rate your skills, abilities, and experience as accurately as possible.
No Experience
Needs Work
Above Average
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Publisher
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Fireworks
Google Documents
Phone Etiquette (Talking on and using the phone)
Flexibility (with times or days worked)
Leadership Ability
Basic Math
Problem Solving
Working with others
Reading Comprehension
Uses good judgement
Able to multi-task
Willing to ask for help
Attention to Detail
Able to work independently
Able to accept constructive feedback
Time Management
Preference will be given to historically under-served students. *
Please select all that apply to you. Further detail may be required if selected for an internship.
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