2021 Tower Grove Pride Booth Signup
Date of Festival: Saturday, September 25th. (Friday, September 24th setup)

Regular Bird Pricing (Until June 4th 2021.)( If your invoice hasn't been paid by June 4th it will be automatically increased to the Late Bird Pricing amount):

-Nonprofits:----------->10x10 Space=$110, 10x20 Space=$165, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)
-Artists/Crafters:--->10x10 Space=$110, 10x20 Space=$165, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)
-Small Biz Retail/Services:-->10x10 Space=$120, 10x20 Space=$180, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)

-Businesses with more than 2 locations:--> $200 for a booth space (Up to 10x20 space included).
-Businesses with more than 4 locations and other bigger businesses will be required to be a sponsor in order to participate.

-Food/Drink(Prepared at festival):--> $300 (+$50 Refundable Deposit)(Any size booth space/truck space included)
-Food/Drink(No food being cooked at the festival):--> $175 (+$25 Refundable Deposit)(Up to 10x20 booth space included)
-Food/Drink Sponsor booths available for local restaurants and required for bigger businesses with over 4 locations

The sponsor form is located here: https://forms.gle/Qms2ZTHhKtwwNFvA8

****Spaces are limited this year. We will have about "200" 10x10 spaces available and "50" 10x20 and sponsor booth spaces. We will also be admitting a maximum of about 15 food booths/trucks (prepared on site) and there will be special requirements for participating that will be detailed after signup.****

Note on booth placement: We will be putting an empty space every 4-8 booths which will provide more breathing room and give more opportunities for corner space. You can request a corner space in the form, and getting a double space will guarantee it. (Or you can get a 4 space section all to yourself as a sponsored booth).

***We expect everyone to have proper sales tax and Saint Louis City permits to vend. You do not need a special festival license to set up a non-food/drink booth. You may need a business license in the City of St. Louis if you're selling goods/services at the festival***

Refund policy: If, due to Covid, you are unable to attend or we have to cancel BOTH the primary and backup dates you will be given the option to be fully-refunded or apply your vendor fee to the following year. You are expected to reserve both dates, and we will not issue refunds if you choose to apply to other events and festivals on our backup date. (We will be deciding on whether or not to use our backup date option between March 1st and April 1st)
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