2020 Tower Grove Pride Booth Signup (Early Bird: Must pay now through January 1st 2020)

*The Date of the festival will be Saturday, June 27th, 2020*

Early Bird Pricing:

-Nonprofits: 10x10 Space=$80, 10x20 Space=$120, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)
-Artists/Crafters: 10x10 Space=$80, 10x20 Space=$120, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)
-Retail/Services: 10x10 Space=$85, 10x20 Space=$127, (+$10 Refundable Deposit)
-Food/Drink(Prepared at festival): $250 (+$50 Refundable Deposit)
-Food/Drink(No food being prepared at the festival): $150 (+$25 Refundable Deposit)
-Businesses with more than 2 locations: $250 for a booth space.
-Businesses with more than 4 locations and other bigger businesses will be required to be a sponsor in order to participate.

The sponsor form is located here: https://forms.gle/Qms2ZTHhKtwwNFvA8

****Spaces are limited this year. We will have "200" 10x10 spaces available and "50" 10x20 and sponsor booth spaces. We will also be admitting a maximum of 15 food booths/trucks (prepared on site) and there will be special requirements for participating that will be detailed after signup.****

Note on booth placement: We will be putting an empty space every 4-8 booths which will provide more breathing room and give more opportunities for corner space. You can request a corner space in the form, and getting a double space will guarantee it. (Or you can get a 4 space section all to yourself as a sponsored booth).

***We expect everyone to have proper sales tax and Saint Louis City permits to vend. You do not need a special festival license to set up a non-food/drink booth. You may need a business license in the City of St. Louis if you're selling goods/services at the festival***
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