Event Submission Form
Use this Form to submit for an event.
This allows our team to Properly Media blast your event so as many people know about it as possible. <3
Once the event request is submitted and approved, you will be made Event Autocrat and be expected to be at the forefront of the project. if you have any questions you need only ask us, but we ask that you be ready to be the face of the event to the best of your ability.
The Admins will contact you as soon as we can. If you haven't heard from us in two days, Or your request is urgent/time sensitive, please message us on Facebook or Telegram
ChronoWolf - http://t.me/ChronoWolf
Blu Emery Wolf - https://t.me/BluEmeryWolf
Zarias the Dragon - https://t.me/Zarias_Dragon
Event Host Expectations
-Expected to act in a professional manner when representing the group.

-To actively promote the group in a positive way.

-Ensure that attending members are informed of times and locations

-Ensure attendees have completed the waivers. You may be liable for members actions, the group liability waiver will cover you in the event an issue arises.
Event Host Name *
Event Host Primary Contact
Contact @ - Example: @U2F2TelegramHandle
Age Group *
Please select Your Intended Age Group for the event as unfortunately not All members can be allowed to attend certain events due to Legal and Parental concern.
Event Title *
Event Description *
Date and Time
If you don't have a Date or Time and would like to discuss this with the Admins, Please feel free. We can always add them in later. Please refer to the Community Calendar or the Events page on Facebook to ensure you're not overlapping any other meetups, Official or otherwise.
Please provide a Name and full address for the location you submit (Address, Zip Code, City) If you do not have a location or would like help finding a location, this can be discussed with the admins. Keep in mind that we will require a location if the form is submitted 2 weeks or less in advance.
Are fursuits allowed? *
Requests and Suggestions
Need help? Ask away. We'll do our best to help Facilitate the event and discuss what we can do to work with you.
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