Strain-Japan Survey for eLearning
Strain- Japan Families,
As you may have heard from many local news sources, Strain-Japan will not be in session March 18th through April 3rd. At that point, we will have a reevaluation for re-entry on April 6th.
Correctly washing your hands and maintaining social distances by avoiding large gatherings and close contact with people who are sick are two of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, health officials say.
“Today’s Prevention is Tomorrow's Cure!” according to Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker.

With all this being said, Strain-Japan has had to turn to “Alternative Methods of Instruction” starting March 30th and we are here to support all our communities' and families' needs. Students in grades K-2 will have packets sent home and students in grades 3-8 need a device that has Chrome capabilities. Please reply by Thursday, March 19th to assure adequate timing to get everything in order.
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Does your student(s) need a Chromebook for school work? If so, before one is delivered, a signed agreement will be needed. This agreement is attached so you can print and sign it to have ready when delivery is made. *
If you have more than one child in grades 3-8, will each student need a Chromebook? *
Students in grades 3-8, would you need a homework packet instead of Google Classroom because of internet service. Please be aware that several providers are offering internet service at a reduced or free rate. *
Would you like information on reduced or free internet services? *
Would you be interested in breakfast/lunch being delivered for your student(s)? This service would start on March 30th. All meals are at no charge and are offered to anyone in the household under the age of 18. *
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