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Want to lead a consortium? Fill out this form and I'll be in touch! (Note: if I'm currently running or planning a consortium for your instrument, I'll let you know in my reply. You can still usually choose to start a new one, though!)
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Your name (first and last):
If your legal name (that we'd put on your contract) is different than the above, please write it here:
Email: *
If you are interested in leading a solo or duo consortium, put your own instrument/voice range here. If you are interested in leading an ensemble consortium (large or small), put your ensemble type (brass quintet, orchestra, choir, wind ensemble, etc.).
Ideal World Premiere Date:
This is just to give me a sense of timeframe. You can be as specific as you like (especially if you already have a concert scheduled!), but things like "early spring 2027" or "our first fall concert next year" or "my senior recital in [semester, year]" are also helpful if you haven't nailed down a date.
Your budget (for your own contribution):
As the consortium lead, you're responsible for our marketing and covering any outstanding costs if we fall short of my minimum fee for the piece. However, if you get a bunch of amazing people on board and we fill the consortium, I'll waive your standard membership fee entirely—so the better it does, the cheaper it is for you, all the way down to free!

(If you absolutely can't contribute higher than a certain dollar amount including outstanding costs if we're low on membership, please include that here as well.)
Anything else you'd like me to know:
This can be more specific ideas about instrumentation, format, projects you'd present the work as part of, subject matter you'd like to tackle, your pronouns, or anything else you want me to have on hand as we begin exploring this possibility together!
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