Hamilton County Community Bail Fund Manager
Job Summary
The Bail Fund Manager will work primarily out of a Bail Fund office for computer and telephone-based work, with trips to Silverdale Detention Facility, Hamilton County Jail and Hamilton County Bonding Office to conduct interviews or to post bonds. Court reminders are to be sent to both defendants as well as their community contacts prior to court dates. This position also entails communication with CALEB members, as well as a small amount of fundraising and public presentation tasks.

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CALEB is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practices. In order to create a strong workforce, we actively support a diverse applicant pool. This absolutely includes individuals who have been affected directly by the criminal justice system through incarceration. Have you been affected by incarceration, either of yourself or a loved one?
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The Hamilton County Community Bail Fund is actively working to end wealth-based detention, not merely to provide support for it. Are you committed to the goal of ending cash bail?
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