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Our veteran team of coaches provide individualized training for students and adults across the United States via Skype, or in person in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Coaching sessions are ideal for students and adults who would like to advance their skills at a faster pace. Time-slots are available 8:00am to 9:00pm Central Time on a first-come basis.

Complete the information below, press Submit, and mail payment the same day in order to reserve your spot. During the regular season, payment must be made for a minimum of 6 sessions to allow time sufficient time for the training to produce expected results. However, as the season draws to a close, less than 6 sessions can be reserved. Higher rates apply for reservations of less than 6 sessions. Coaching fees are not refundable - your payment is your commitment that you or your student(s) will attend the coaching sessions that you reserved.

Length of Coaching Sessions:
Reserve 1.0 hour per week for Speech, Interview Skills, History or Writing coaching (1.5 hours for DUO).
Reserve 1.5 hours per week for Lincoln Douglas debate, Moot Court, Congress or Business Communications coaching.
Reserve 2.0 hours per week for Policy debate, Parliamentary debate, or Public Forum (PF) coaching.

Note: Team Policy and PF debaters, private coaching is available for the team (both partners), not individuals

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