2018/2019 AVID Elective Application
What is the AVID Elective?
Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college readiness system to prepare students in the academic middle for education beyond completion of high school. The AVID Elective classroom supports students who are willing to embrace and utilize AVID strategies, collaborate with peers, and be positive role models in the classroom and community.

The AVID Elective class is an additional academic class which provides instruction and promotes:
• goal setting and personal academic awareness
• demonstrating leadership skills
• organization
• time management
• study skills

Please complete and submit the following information in order to be considered for the AVID Elective class.

Personal Information
Student Name (first & last): *
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Street Address: *
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Home phone number:
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Name (first & last) of Parent/Guardian #1 *
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Phone Contact for Parent/Guardian #1
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Name (first & last) of Parent/Guardian #2
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Grade level for the 2018/2019 school year: *
What elementary school did you attend? *
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Parent/Guardian #2: Check off the highest education level completed.
Do you have any siblings or family members who participate or participated in AVID? If yes, name them below:
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Do you receive any support services at school? *
Is there any other information or special circumstances that you would like the site team to consider (such as recent death of a loved one, medical condition, or parent/guardian enlisted in armed forces and deployed overseas)?
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Student Questionnaire
Please take the time to answer the following questions using complete sentences. Answers should be thoughtful and carefully written.
What do you do when you don’t understand the information being taught in class? *
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Describe an academic challenge you have faced or are facing in school. *
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Why do you want to be in AVID? What do you think AVID can do for you? *
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If you are selected for the AVID Elective class, you will not be able to take the Band or Chorus classes due to scheduling issues. Are you still interested in AVID? *
Explain how you plan to handle the amount of work required of AVID students? (homework every night, getting parents to sign many papers, and taking notes, in all classes, and managing your time in and out of school wisely ). *
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Self-Determination Scale
Please select the response that best describes how you feel about each statement below. *
I want to do well in school.
I ask questions when I don’t understand something.
I choose a desk near the front of the classroom.
I willing to stay after school with teachers to get extra help.
I am willing to spend extra time on schoolwork, even when “official” homework is not assigned.
I keep trying, even when things become challenging.
I use my planner/agenda every day for every class.
I take notes in class and review them regularly.
I am willing to take higher-level classes that will challenge me.
I try my best to stay organized with my notebooks and locker.
I consider myself a leader.
I like to work in groups with other students.
Writing Sample
Please answer the prompt below with 5-10 complete sentences in length.
Life is full of opportunities and dreams. Some people do not take those opportunities to fulfill those dreams, while others are determined and motivated to accomplish their dreams. Write an short essay about your dreams and goals and how you plan to accomplish them. *
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Which two current teachers do you prefer I send the Teacher Recommendation form to?
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