Personalized Programs to Reduce Home Cost
Whether you need to reduce costs to buy or are just looking for a deal, this form is the one for you. While first time home buyers of low income will have the most options, even millionaires purchasing their 20th home have options to reduce home costs. This form could save you anywhere between 1% & 50% of the sales price of a home, could give you rates as low as 0%, could provide you gap financing assistance as high as $80k (US outside of Hampton Roads that's the highest I've seen so far at least) or as high as $40k in Hampton Roads (Norfolk for that amount with lower amounts in other areas but still 10% throughout VA & 15% for certain large sections of Northern VA is available to those who qualify)

Even for those who are not in Hampton Roads, I am able to make this report possible by referring others to agents around the US. While there is no obligation to use an agent referral, those do make these manually researched reports possible for you and others like you.

Below I'm sharing each question & often why the question is important immediately below it. While only certain questions are required, the more questions you answer, the more accurate I can be. Since I typically won't respond with more than 3 possibilities, if you don't answer each question, I will sometimes be guessing at the answers to your unanswered questions.
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Are you currently working with an agent? *
See next question below. Also, if you are working with an agent already or already have one in mind (other than Adam Garrett), I would appreciate it if you used instead of this form. That link isn't taking from a list that's nearly as good as my list, with a number of missing program options, & less accuracy due to less questions, but it does give you an immediate report & using it if you already have a Realtor would be quite considerate to me in terms of my limited time.

As much as I'd like to provide a personalized report for everyone, and can still provide you a report even if you are already working with an agent, there is no way for me to be directly compensated for my time if I do not refer you to an agent that you purchase with. Keep in mind that my research for your agent is coming from an agent themself, and as such I can ask questions to Realtors that you wouldn't think to ask to weed out the bad ones and provide you someone ideal. See my referral page here:
If working with an agent or if you have one in mind, do they lock you into working with one lender? *
If you are locked into working with one lender, many options that I can provide will be unavailable to you.
How long will you have you had a job in your current field of work when you purchase (& if you recently switched your payment structure from salaried, commission-based, or self-employed, when did you make the shift)? *
If you have been working in your field for less than 2 years, do you have a contract for a year or more?
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If you have been working in your field for less than 2 years, do you have any college or post-graduate education that is directly related to your work?
Clear selection
Most financing options require 2 years of work history in the same field with a similar payment structure (not necessarily the same level, but the same structure, i.e. commission based, self employed, salaried, etc.) no gaps of >1 month or a contract for a job for a longer period of time or education that lines up with that work.
Anticipated purchase date range *
Some programs take much longer than others to acquire, and some have expiration dates and limited times where they are available during a given year
Anticipated sale date after purchase *
Some programs have occupancy requirements for a certain amount of time after purchase, and those that don't have occupancy requirements sometimes have requirements on how long you need to keep the loan
Cash set aside for Down Payment/closing costs & any other liquid assets, not including your home, retirement plan, or car *
While some programs require a certain amount set aside, other programs have restrictions on how much set aside you can have (commonly $10k but sometimes % based) where a large down payment available can disqualify you
What liquid or retirement reserves do you anticipate having after purchase? *
Many programs require at least 1% in reserves between retirement funds and liquid accounts
Owned a Home in past 3 years at expected purchase time? *
Some programs are only eligible for those who haven't owned a home in the past 3 years.
Will you own a home at time of purchase? *
Some programs are restricted by those who won't own a home at the time of purchase
city(ies) where you have lived for the past 3 years *
Some programs have residency requirements depending on what city you currently live in, lived in the past year, past 3 years, etc.
desire to rent or sell when leaving house?
Clear selection
Some programs would require refinancing if you were to rent it out when you left it
Credit as shown on free version of & FICO (NOT creditkarma or any other place that uses the Vantage model) scores from other bureaus (Transunion and Equifax. Good free scores available at Langley Federal Credit Union, Penfed, & Bank of America) with source if available *
Some programs restrict based on credit & a few can get a preapproval with no score. With 1, credit score is not considered.
Time After Bankruptcy & type of bankruptcy (if applicable) *
Some programs have restrictions based on your time after bankruptcy
Annual Household income (of those in new household) *
The majority of programs have income caps, and some have income minimums, and they are most often dependent on household size
Household size at time of purchase *
As stated under income, "The majority of programs have income caps, and some have income minimums, and they are most often dependent on household size"
Cities considered for purchase *
Some programs are city-specific
Purchase price minimum
Some programs have minimum purchase amounts possible
Purchase Price Max *
Many programs have maximum purchase amounts possible
Max savings OR Least Hassle desired?
The programs with the highest savings often (but not always) have the highest hassle level, and vice versa.
Loan type: regular, rehab, or new construction?
Most of the best programs are unavailable for new construction and rehab loans, but some programs are geared towards rehab or new construction
sq ft range
Acreage range
Some programs become unavailable at certain sq ft & acreage
borrower(s) expected job(s) at time of purchase
Some programs are only available depending on the kind of job that you have
Are you a veteran, Native American, Disabled (you, co-borrower, or dependent in household), Elderly, or do you expect you will be elderly before you sell your home you are purchasing?
Special options for programs including tax savings are possible depending on the above
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