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NOTE: Due to popularity, all sessions are full, please continue to sign up to join waitlist.

Hi everyone! Want to improve your English? Hong Kong House and Vancouver Kaifong Association are offering free drop-in, intermediate English conversation sessions. The goal of the sessions is to be a resource for HK immigrants by providing practical English sessions and a safe space for conversation practice. We will be practicing English conversations during these sessions, so it will be good for participants to already be able to converse in English, but are looking to improve their dialogue and learn local Canadian phrases and culture. Please register by filling the form below.

大家好! 想唔想提升你嘅英語水平呢? 香港屋同溫哥華街坊會將會聯合舉辦免費嘅英語會話小組,為新移民提供實用嘅英語學習同安全嘅會話練習空間。我哋將會喺呢啲會話小組中練習日常英語對話,參加者如果已經具備一定程度英語能力,及希望加強自己嘅英語對話技巧並學習本地加拿大用語及文化。請填寫下面填以下嘅表格報名參加。
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Session Details // 活動詳情
(房間⼈數上限 - 30人/ Room limit - Max. 30 people)

Date: Saturdays, April 9, 23, and May 7
Time: 2:15pm-4:00pm
Location: Multi-purpose Room, 2nd floor
Bonsor Recreation Complex (6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby)

日期: 星期六, 4月 9, 23, and May 7
時間: 2:15pm-4:00pm
地點: Multi-purpose Room, 2nd floor
Bonsor Recreation Complex (6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby)

NOTE: These sessions are standalone and you are not required to attend one before attending another.

Session Topics 會話題目
Sat., April 9 — Basic conversational English (NOTE: 100% full. Accepting for waitlist)
- Greetings and goodbyes
- How to carry a conversation
- Common topics to talk about/avoid

星期六, 4月9號 - 簡單英語對話 ( 名額已滿,可加入輪候名單)
- 問候同道別
- 如何開始對話
- 常見話題/應避免嘅話題

Sat., April 23 — Going to the supermarket (NOTE: 100% full. Accepting for waitlist)
- Learn about various sections in groceries stores
- How to ask store clerks for help
- How to interact with store clerks at payment

星期六,4月23號 - 行超級市場 ( 名額已滿,可加入輪候名單)
- 超級市場嘅各個部門
- 如何向售貨員求助
- 付款時如何同收銀員溝通

Sat., May 7— Going to the restaurant  (NOTE: 100% full. Accepting for waitlist)
- How to signal the waiter
- How to make an order
- How to make a payment

星期六, 5月7號 - 去餐廳 ( 名額已滿,可加入輪候名單)
- 如何叫侍應
- 如何點菜
- 如何付款
Which dates and number of people are you signing up for? // 請選擇參加日期同人數 *
If you are signing up for more than 4 people, please get in touch with @amseeee (HKH - Telegram) or JL (VKA - Discord) 如果你想申請超過4個人嘅,請聯絡 @amseeee (香港屋 Telegram)或 JL (溫哥華街坊會 - Discord)
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April 9
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May 7
Name/ TG name/ alias 點稱呼?(TG或化名ok) *
Contact (can be Telegram, Discord, email, phone number) 聯絡方式(可以係TG, Discord,電郵,電話) *
Please specify which platform. 請指明哪種通訊平台。
*鑑於疫症反覆,為保障所有義工同參加者,主辦單位要求所有參加者喺室內都必須配戴口罩。Masks are required to protect event organizers, volunteers, and participants. *
About Us // 關於我們

「溫哥華街坊會」(Vancouver Kaifong Association)的成立,旨在連結大溫地區以至卑詩省的新舊香港移民,共組更團結互助的港人移民社群。大家都曾經做過新移民,希望有經驗的街坊能協助後來者落戶,在卑詩企穩腳步落地生根,參與加拿大本地事務,融入社區,做個真正港裔加拿大人。

Vancouver Kaifong Association aims to connect Hong Kong newcomers and allies across British Columbia to form a vibrant community and to preserve Hong Kong identity. Kaifong (neighbours on the block who watch each other's backs) are encouraged to support each other with their skills, knowledge and networks. Most importantly, we want our members to integrate through contributing to the local communities, and embrace Canadian values to become true Hong Kong-Canadians.


香港屋係一班溫哥華港人同本地朋友嘅義工團體。 我哋嘅使命係建立一個由香港僑民及其朋友組成嘅社區,積極守護同提高溫哥華嘅香港文化。 我哋早前舉辦過好多精彩嘅社區活動,例如野餐同消毒酒精捐贈會,社區清潔運動,燈籠製作坊,仲有電影放映會。

HK House is a volunteer collective of Hong Kong diaspora and friends from Vancouver. Our mission is to actively support and enhance Hong Kong culture in Vancouver through cultivating a community of Hong Kong diaspora and friends. In the past, we've hosted community events such as lantern making workshops, neighbourhood cleanups, and hand sanitizer drives. We look forward to building a community together with all of you!
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