St. Anne School - Technology Acceptable Use Form
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My child/children and I have viewed the St. Anne School PowerPoint, understand the information provided and agree to abide by the rules set forth in both that presentation and this document. *
I hereby release St. Anne School and its personnel from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of, or inability to use, the school technology, including but not limited to claims that may arise from the unauthorized use of the technology to purchase products or services. *
I understand that it is impossible for St. Anne School to restrict access to all controversial materials, and I will not hold the school responsible for materials accessed on the network. I also agree to report any inappropriate technology use to the school administration. *
I accept full responsibility if and when my child’s use of technology is not in the school setting and understand that my child is subject to the same acceptable use rules and agreements while not in school. *
I understand that my child/I will be responsible for any damage which may occur as determined by St. Anne School personnel, and I agree to pay the appropriate repair/replacement costs including applicable charging equipment/cables per school replacement purchase. *
I agree to pay the $75 technology usage fee (per K-8 student) by Sept. 4, 2020. Please stop by or send check to the school office with your child(ren's) name(s) in the memo section. *
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