General Exhibitor App 2020
Non-Profits and FOOD Vendors do NOT use this app – Please use separate Food Vendor App. Or Non-Profit App.

When: Sunday, April 19th, 2020 11am-5pm
Where: Idlewild Park, Reno, NV

Welcome to the Reno Earth Day Celebration. The event grows and changes every year, so read all instructions prior to submitting an application to exhibit at this event. Special ideas, exhibits and activities are welcomed, so please feel free to suggest/request them if they do not fit into the application structure.

Applications are due by March 27, 2020 to avoid late fees.

Equipment – The event no longer supplys equipment (tables, chairs, canopies) to exhibitors. This is a free community event and exhibitors are encouraged to be self-sufficient in design and construction of their booth spaces. Please bring everything you will need for your booth. If necessary, you may be able to order such equipment from our supplier – Camelot Party Supply. This is the only supplier who will have access to the event. If approved, your equipment rental would be directly with Camelot and they would set up your equipment the day before the event, and pick it up after the event.

Grassy Exhibit areas: There are no stakes/pins/nails/etc. allowed in the park. There are no tarps/rugs/large flat surfaces allowed on the grass. If your booth requires these items, you must request blacktop space. Please bring rope and weights, sand bags, water jugs, etc. to weight down your booth items, canopy, signs, etc.

Set Up and Loading Zones: Exhibitors will be assigned a set up time between 6:30-10:30am so we can stagger vehicles in loading zones over the 4 hour period (everyone cannot arrive at once). Most spaces are cart and carry over the grass, so loading zones get you as close to spots as possible. Vehicles must be unloaded and then removed/parked in designated areas within 30 minutes. No vehicles may be parked in loading zones (even if it looks like a parking lot). There will be volunteers to help with carts and carrying to assigned spaces. All spaces should be marked by the time exhibitors arrive. Please let us know if your exhibit has special needs not covered in this application.

Parking (Change from Previous Years): Exhibitors will be assigned to a specific parking lot at the park based on the location of their booth. Each exhibitor is allowed 1 vehicle to be parked in the park. Additional vehicles may be parked at Reno High School (1/2 block nearby) or at any available street parking in the area. Loading zone personnel will be trained to direct you to the correct lot for your single vehicle. This ensures that all exhibitors have a spot within the park. Exhibitors will receive specific event and parking maps, space numbers and assignments the week before the event by email. Please ensure your email is valid & check it regularly for updates.

FOOD/Beverage Restrictions: Food/beverage vending slots are limited and require a special application and fees. If you wish to sell food at the event – prepared or packaged – you must contact us for approval to receive the special application. Food and/or beverages may not be distributed as giveaways for this event, and if you bring your own food, GLASS containers and outside alcohol are not allowed in the park. Please respect this.

WASTE: Exhibitors are responsible for disposing of all waste properly in proper Recycling bins to maximize recycling (Compost, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, etc.). Any run-off water, ice or grease will need to be collected by the exhibitor and removed as gray-water or disposed of in our gray water basin. If it cannot go into a proper receptacle, take it back with you and Leave No Trace. Let’s see how close we can get to 0-Waste!

GLASS: Glass is only allowed in the park if it is part of your product to take home. Not used in the park. Examples: Etched glass, glass art, glass containers of candles, grocery items, etc. No glass of any kind is allowed in the Trash, and glass breakage from these products will need to go in the recycling bins not provided by the City. No glass containers for anything to be consumed at the park is allowed.

Washoe County Health Dept: All vendors giving samples must obtain a WCHD temporary food permit specifically for this event. You contact them separately to arrange for this permit at (775) 328-2434.

Booth Sharing: Booth sharing is a way to access the event at half the space fee. If 2 or more exhibitors would like to share space, they should submit on the same application and note both “companies.” Both will be listed as exhibitors and we need all exhibitors listed for city and state laws. Exhibitors may not sublet or allow sharing for other businesses, sales, crafts or non-profit organizations that are not officially registered. IF sharing a booth, both exhibitors must have a separate City of Reno Business License or $15 temporary license; Please note the extra fee if needed, in the payment section. *** No subletting to any unregistered organization or exhibitor is allowed. ***

Handcrafted Discount! There is a $40 discount this year for 100% handcrafted items. All items promoted or for sale in the booth must be 100% handcrafted (except materials). If sharing the booth with non-handcrafted items, the discount would not apply; the general exhibitor fee would apply.

NOTE: While we try to limit too many like items so exhibitors do well with their product, no one is guaranteed exclusive representation of any product type. We try to be as inclusive as possible and the event is large enough to ensure competing services are not too near each other. Where a limited number of slots fill up for highly competitive items (jewelry, soaps, candles, honey, etc.), these slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis at the sole discretion of event staff. If you are curious or concerned about over-saturation of a particular item, please feel free to inquire before you apply. Closed items are updated often on our website.

One exception is Direct Marketing brands. We generally allow only one representative of a specific brand at the event on a first come first serve basis. Slots are considered taken only once payment is received. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to inquire and notify us if they must be the sole representative of a brand. Exceptions occur if more than one representative agree to be at the event together, or if the event did not know it was a direct marketing brand. In these cases, the event makes all efforts to locate booths in separate areas of the event. Exhibitors must identify all direct marketing brands planned for their booth.

The event will go on, Rain or Shine! There are no refunds after March 27, 2020.

Thank you for joining us!
Exhibitor Name (as you would like it to appear on maps/signs/program) *
Contact Name *
Contact Email (all contact and updates will go here) *
Contact Phone
Physical Business Address *
How did you learn about this event?
Will you be staying overnight in the area?
# nights?
# people?
# of rooms/spaces?
What hotel/RV Park did you use?
Activity at Booth (Please check one): *
City of Reno Business License #: (If you do not have a City of Reno Business license, we will purchase your Temporary Event Permit. Please include the $15 fee on the payment page.) *
Name of business if under a different name with City of Reno:
NV Sales Tax Permit #: (if you plan to sell anything at the event). Please fill out the Tax forms. Put your tax# in the “gross sales” spot if you file monthly/quarterly. Then we do not have to bother you at the event; IF you do not have a NV Sales Tax # or do not file monthly/quarterly, we must collect the sales tax at the event. Fill out the form as completely as possible and we will bring it to the event for the final amounts. The more the slip is filled out, the less hassle you have at the event ;) *
Booth Information
Please be SPECIFIC and provide photos if possible.
What activities will occur at your booth? *
What items will be sold at your booth? *
What items will be given away at your booth? *
Space needed for booth (dimensions)? *
Does your space require pavement? *
Do you have any other special requirements for placement? (near stages, quiet area, near or away from another vendor, etc.) *
How much time do you need to set up your booth? *
Only a limited number of pre-approved vehicles will be allowed into loading zones to unload and exit to park in designated areas. Please provide License plate #(s) of any vehicles you wish to access loading zones: *
Please note if you will have any LIVE animals at your booth (including pets): *
ELECTRICITY: Please be conscientious about power consumption. If your booth needs electricity to operate, we can provide a power hook up. Power must be ordered in advance. Please tell us about your power here and pay on payment page (must specify if you need a 240V plug in): *
ELECTRICITY: Est. Amps, Volts, Watts: *
ELECTRICITY: Purpose of plug-in (AV equipment, industrial blender, cash register, freezer, etc.)? *
Special Activities and Promotions
Prize Gallery
The Prize gallery features prizes from many exhibitors and sponsors for games and activities all day long. Winners of games get to choose the prize they want. The Prize gallery is a high energy booth with a loudspeaker encouraging participation. Donated prizes are tagged with the donors name/company and booth number so that when someone wins the prize, an announcement is made. Event staff will come through in the morning to collect and tag prizes. Prize Gallery Donors will also be honored separately by being listed under our sponsors section of the website.
Will you have a prize to donate to the Prize Gallery? *
If yes, Description and Estimated Value:
Little Explorers’ Expedition
This is a program where a special Treasure Map is made of all Exhibitors offering children’s activities so families can find them easily. Children who complete a certain number of the activities can turn in the Treasure map for a final goal prize that the event supplies (In addition to any booty they collect from the activities!) To qualify for this program, the activity must be for children age 2-12, take at least 5 minutes to complete, and activities must be going all day long (not just a scheduled times, please see the Scheduled Activities for those items. *** Giveaways without an activity do not qualify. ***
Will you have a child’s activity at your booth? *
If yes, Activity Name/Title
Please describe:
Approx time for the activity:
Is there a cost to do the activity?
Clear selection
Scheduled Workshop, Demonstration, Presentation or Performance
If you will have a scheduled workshop or performance at your booth, we will promote in the event’s program and itinerary. These schedules usually appear in our newspaper program, on the website, in the digital program and on the event program signs. The workshop or performance would be identified by Title/brief description, time and booth number. If you would like to plan such a scheduled activity and have it included in our materials, please describe it here. Note, it must be a scheduled item; ongoing activities all day at your booth would not qualify for this program.

The ideas are endless. We’ll help promote and announce scheduled items at the event.

*** NOTE, it must be a scheduled item; ongoing activities all day at your booth would not qualify for this program. ***
Will you have a scheduled workshop, demonstration, presentation or performance at your booth? *
Brief Description:
Time of Activity: (you may select the time for your workshop/activity/demo/performance later, but times must be received via email to by March 27th, 2020 to be included in all media.)
Is there a cost for the workshop?
Clear selection
If there is a cost, how much?
Third Party Theme Areas
If you have a group of organizations and/or businesses that would like to band together and make a special themed area within the event, we encourage this type of collaboration, community involvement and creative utilization of the event. We are flexible with space and arrangements to help make your idea work and give a lot of leeway in allowing you to “create your own space.” Please feel free toshare your ideas. Complete details and requirements of Third Party Theme Areas are located on our website at If after reading these details you would like to propose a TPTA – please contact us as soon as possible to make layout plans.
Liability and Media Release
By choosing to exhibit, sponsor or attend this event, you and all participants within your organization agree to the following provisions. Please initial each item below. (please also make sure all of your participants are aware of these provisions):
To RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE event organizers, Mercury Momentum, City of Reno, Reno Earth Day, other participants and sponsors, their officers, volunteers, agents, affiliates and employees hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or otherwise, while participating in such activity, or while in, on or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted or in transportation to and from said premises. *
To be familiar with all local, state and federal laws and to follow them at all times, including but not limited to filing and paying any relevant license, permit fees, taxes and fines, to obeying traffic laws and to obeying all other laws and municipal codes. RELEASEES will not be liable for any such violations on the part of participants and participant agrees to pay any fines or costs incurred associated with any such violations. *
To be familiar with City of Reno Park Rules. Our event is held on City property and we are bound by whatever rules they have for the privilege of using their property. Please acknowledge that if you or if anyone in your group violates any provision or damages City property, you agree to pay any fines or damages assessed by the City. Fines will be issued if these rules are broken. *
Exhibitors may not bring in outside alcohol to the event. Our alcohol license for the event depends upon adherence to these rules. *
To allow any photographs, video or audio recordings, or any other such renditions of my likeness, voice, booth or displays to be posted and duplicated publicly in any media as part of the marketing and publicity coverage of the event. *
To ensure no vehicles drive on grass areas. This is a City of Reno Park Rule and a $50 fine per instance will be issued if this rule is broken. *
There will be NO GLASS, NO STAKES, NO TARPS and NO Tying to Trees in Idlewild Park. This is a City of Reno Park Rule and a $50 fine per instance will be issued if these rules are broken. *
Parking in any area not signed as "Exhibitor Parking" will result in a $50 fine and/or vehicle being towed. *
I have read the regulations and provisions, understand them and have communicated them to all participants within my group so that we may follow them and agree to all provisions in this agreement. *
Tax Form Information
Any exhibitor selling anything is required to fill out a NV Sales Tax form. These forms will be emailed to your email address once your application is received with instructions. These forms must be completed and returned by March 27, 2020 for your application to be complete. For those needing taxes collect at event, we will bring your form to the event. Please keep an eye out in your email for these forms.
Payment Page
Please check items needed below:
Item *
If making an additional donation (other than event fees), please enter amount:
Total Amount Due: *
Reno Earth Day is organized by Mercury Momentum, a local 501c3 created to promote education and sustainability in special events throughout our area. All donating exhibitors will have a link to their website or Facebook page from the Reno Earth Day website. If making a donation please provide URL:
Sponsor the Event!
Consider being a Sponsor of the event! The event attracts over 25,000 attendees and participates in extensive promotion by print, radio and internet means. Sponsors of $500 or more receive FREE exhibitor space with choice in location and a wealth of promotional exposure and value – in addition to supporting an amazing and growing event. For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities, visit
Applications and Payments may be made in the following manner. Please select how payment is being made: *
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