2018 Seed MENTEE Application Form
Thank you for your interest in ACORN's Farmer-to-Farmer Seed Mentorship Program and for taking the time to complete this application!

Meaningful training for farmers on how to grow high quality, diverse seed is vital to keeping up the energy in Atlantic Canada's sustainable seed sector! The feedback from farmers is clear: the best way to learn is by doing! We hope - through this peer learning program - to offer hands-on, personalized, and timely training to farmers who want to increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of seed they grow on-farm.

Selected mentees will be expected to:
- have established farming/market gardening experience and an earnest interest in learning to grow good seed!
- be set up to grow seed on their own farms/land in 2017 (this program doesn't offer hosted internships)
- participate in approximately 20 - 30 hours of mentorship over the course of the 2018 season
- have up to date ACORN membership for 2018
- work with their mentor to establish learning goals and communication strategies
- participate in a mid season check-in w ACORN Coordinator
- complete basic "outcomes", including: sending 5 photos to ACORN, providing a short write up for our newsletter (on request), and - if possible - committing to one engagement to 'pay forward' seed learning.

Correspondence with Mentors can be by phone, email, or in person when possible, depending on your mutual preferences. We'll use the information in your application form to assess your application and match you with a suitable Mentee. This program is a managed by ACORN with funding from The Bauta Family Initiative on Seed Security in Canada.

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