Request For Online Course Lesson Release
This form is for student who *has already enrolled * in an online course, and wish to take more lessons than available through their weekly lesson release schedule. The parent/student understand and agree with the following: 1) This is a courtesy service from Ascende Learning. We are only able to accommodate ONE such request per student/course and the request is not reversible. 2) Once this request is submitted, all released lessons are available immediately regardless of whether students have gone through them or not, and the released online lessons becomes non-refundable.
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One lesson is released immediately on the enrollment date, and subsequently one additional lesson will be released to you each week. By modifying your enrollment data to an earlier date, more lessons will be automatically released to you. For example, if you modify the date to be 10 weeks prior to today, then 11 weeks will be released for you to take. Please provide the date where you would like your enrollment date to be changed to: *
I confirm the request for Ascende Learning to release lessons of the course to me immediately. I understand and agree that this is a courtesy service to help students go through the course at a faster pace and all released lessons will become non-refundable. I also understand that this is a ONE-TIME courtesy service. *
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