Our Whole Lives (Grades 7-9) Interest Survey
Our Whole Lives is a secular, values-based lifespan sexuality education program that allows people of all ages to learn accurate information about sex in an empowering environment. The curriculum includes discussions of anatomy, relationships, sexual identity, and contraception, among other topics. First United Church would like to host an ongoing Our Whole Lives class for students in grades 7-9 during the 2019-2020 school year. The class would likely meet twice a month starting in October and ending in April. Parents, if possible, please ask your child to complete this survey themselves, or ask them for their responses as you complete this on their behalf. Please indicate your interest and availability below.
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Anatomy and physiology (including changes associated with puberty)
Body image
Gender identity, expression, roles, stereotypes
Sexual orientation
Healthy relationships and relationship skills
Sexuality, social media, and the Internet
Responsible sexual behavior
Consent education
Redefining abstinence
Sexually transmitted infections
Contraception and safer sex
Pregnancy and parenting
Sexual decision making
Communicating with a sexual partner
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