TIEC Entrepreneurship Accelerator - Round 15 Registration
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Terms and Conditions
Program Details:
o TIEC Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) is TIEC Pre-incubation Program. The program runs twice a year in 5 governorates. For more information please visit our webpage (http://www.tiec.gov.eg/tea)
o The program entails 12 hands-on workshops & 6 mentorship sessions. The workshops and sessions are delivered within a timeline of 12 Weeks.
o The program is designed to help you deliver your (1) Business Plan (2) Pitch to investors (3) Business Milestones (4) Technology Development Milestones
o The program is free of charge. The entrepreneurs do not pay for any training or mentorship expenses.
o The Program is offered to: Early Stage Entrepreneurs that have ideas or prototypes in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (Website, Mobile Application, Software, IoT ...) or enabled by them and would like to turn that into a startup.

o The registration ends on Sunday, the 10th of February 2019.
o The training starts in the last week of February 2019.

o TIEC might call you for a (phone interview) or (face-to-face interview) as part of the application process.

Before you apply, your startup has to have to the following:
o You should be a team of entrepreneurs (not individual applicants)
o Egyptian Nationality (At least one of the applicants should be Egyptian)
o Technology Competency (the team should have the capability to develop the technology they claim to use as a basis for their startup)

Terms & Conditions:
o Upon acceptance you will be sent a confirmation email containing the schedule and detailed program outline.
o Upon acceptance, your startup commits to attending (at least one entrepreneur from each team) all the workshops & mentorship sessions that are required for the completion of this program.
o Upon acceptance, your startup commits to delivering the business & technology development milestones required as indicated per the program schedule that will be sent.
o If your startup fails to comply with any of the above terms, you will be requested to payback the training costs & expenses.

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