Diamond Cutter Executive Retreat Level 9 金刚商法-第9阶静修营
Date: 22- 23 Jun 2018 (2D1N) Fri and Sat
日期: 22-23 Jun 2018 ( 两天一夜) 星期五星期六

Venue: Thistle™ Johor Bahru hotel
地点 : Thistle™ HOTEL 柔佛, 马来西亚

Timing: TBC (Departure Singapore)
Around 9pm (Arrival Singapore)
时间: 待确定 - (离开新加坡)

Retreat will be conducted in English, Chinese speaking will be provided with translation headset!
静修营是以英语讲解, 讲中文的同学会有中文翻译耳机提供!

Total Investment: SGD1990 (NOT INCLUDE 2Days 1 Nights Hotel Accommodation)
总投资:SGD1990 不包括2天1夜酒店住宿)

From 1 Jan 2018 till 31 Mar 2018 从2018年1月1日至2018年3月31
One Pax 一个人报名: S$1890
Group of 5 Sign up together 5人一起报名: S$1790
Group rate of 10 pax signing up together : SGD 1700 (per pax)
10人一起报名价格:SGD 1700 (1人价格)

From 1 April 2018 onward 4月1日2017年起
One Pax 一个人报名: S$1990
Group of 5 Sign up together 5人一起报名: S$1890
Group rate of 10 pax signing up together : SGD 1800 (per pax)
10人一起报名价格:SGD 1800 (1人价格)

Above Fees Include
o Fri&Sat – 2 Days Retreat Lead By Geshe Michael Roach & DCI Teachers
o Fri and Sat morning tea break / Fri&Sat Afternoon Tea Break
o And Sat Lunch
o Course Materials
o Door Gift

o星期五和星期六 - 由Geshe Michael Roach和DCI老师教授
o周五早上/ 周五和六下午茶点,周五和周六午餐
o课程材料, 礼品

Option 1:
To Add In SGD300/ MYR900
o 3days 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation
o fri And Sat Breakfast
o Thur And Fri Dinner
o *Transport Provided - Depart from Singapore 5pm on a Thursday evening.

• Option 2: You can choose to book your own accommodation and arrange your transport.

添加: SGD300 / MYR900
o 3天2夜酒店住宿
o 星期五和星期六早餐
o *提供巴士(只限来回新加坡-柔佛)星期四从新加坡晚间5点离开到柔佛


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PAYMENT 付款 (Full payment - two weeks from date of sign up)
Full Payment two weeks from Date of sign up.
-Write Cheque to Payable to "DIAMOND CUTTER WISDOM PTE LTD"
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594- 299000-001
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594- 299000-001

SMS 短信:+65 9477 5336 Email电邮: retreat@diamondcutterwisdom.com

1) Invoice issued upon request only.
2) Any cancellation will incur a SGD400 administrative charge.
3) There will be no refund or cancellation allowed 1 month before the retreat.
4) This retreat ticket is non transferable.
5) Retreat Information will be mailed to you 2- 4 weeks prior to the event. (Pls provide CLEAR email /mailing address)
6) Kindly contact Sydny for any detail @ +65 94775336 or email to retreat@diamondcutterwisdom.com

1) 应要求提供收据
2) 取消报名条款:必须交付新币400元行政费用
3) 静修营日期的1个月之前,不允许有任何退款或取消
4) 静修营门票是不可转让也不可有任何退款.
5) 静修营的资料将在2至4个星期前邮寄给您。(所以电邮/住址务必写清楚)
6) 如须要协助, 请联络 Sydny @ +65 94775336 或电邮到 retreat@diamondcutterwisdom.com

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