Seven Hills Summer Program 2021
The Seven Hills Mission:

Please review the following page PRIOR to filling out this registration form:
Player First Name *
Player Last Name *
Player's Current School *
Division *
Player Grade in the Upcoming School Year (Fall of 21) *
Shirt/Jersey Size *
Which best describes you/your player? *
Parent/Gaurdian EMAIL contact *
The confirmation email will be sent to this email address. All further emails will be sent to all emails included on the form. If you parent does not have an email. Include the player email here, as well.
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Financial Support if accepted into the program. *
Cost of MS league: $300. Cost of High School Tryout League: $100. Cost of HS Competing Team: $475. Financial assistance is available. Full aid, Partial aid, and Payment plans available.
Must be completed by player trying out, not adults at home. The Seven Hills Core Values are Character, Opportunity, and Growth. What do these mean to you and why do you think you are a good fit for a program with these priorities? *
We encourage you to read about out core values and mission statement on the website before registering for tryouts.
WAIVERS - 18 or Over Must Sign
The following questions constitute E-Waivers and must be filled out by an adult (18 or older) or by the parent or legal guardian of any minor child (under 18). You may email: if you would prefer to print, sign and turn in the hard copy waivers.
Media Release: I consent to interviews, photography (film or digital), recording (video and sound) of me/my player and their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for public relations, news articles, telecasts, education, advertising, research, inclusion on the Seven Hills website or any Seven Hills social media, fundraising, or any other purpose determined by Seven Hills or its affiliates. I release Seven Hills and its members, officers, agents and representatives from any liability in connection with the taking, recording, or publication using my/my player’s image, likeness or voice. *
Liability Waiver: I understand the Ultimate Frisbee is a physical activity that involves considerable running and jumping and that collisions with other players and the ground can occur. I recognize that Ultimate is a dangerous activity with inherent risks that can lead to serious injury, disability or death. I expressly assume the risks related my/my player’s participation in Seven Hills activities. I agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify Seven Hills and its members, employees, agents, contractors, volunteers and other representatives from all claims for any injury or damage resulting from any cause, including negligence, which arise out of my/my player’s participation in Seven Hills activities. I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses and claims incurred as a result of my/my player’s participation in Seven Hills activities. *
Medical Treatment: I agree that if my player becomes ill or injured and I cannot be contacted, then I give permission to qualified EMTs, physicians, paramedics and or other medical or hospital personnel to render treatment. *
Player Date of Birth *
MM/DD/YYYY Ex. 04/11/2000
Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18) or Player Signature if over 18 *
Adults must type there name here to indicate they have acknowledged the waivers and agree to the terms.
Emergency Phone Number *
Allergies? *
Other Medical Conditions? *
Preferred Hospital *
Any other comments, questions, concerns, things we should know about your player to better improve the experience?
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