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Thank you for signing up for the Release Day Blitz and/or Blog Tour for Teresa Mason Browning’s dual release of All That Glitters Ain't Gold (book 1) & Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell (book 2).

Release Day Blitz: June 10, 2017
Blog Tour Dates: June 12-16, 2017


All That Glitters Ain't Gold (Book 1)
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At what point are you willing to risk it all to get ahead? Is your freedom worth the gamble?

For most of us in this world, there are times when certain occasions arise in our lives that we consider to be that golden opportunity that once in a lifetime moment that we’ve waited for our entire lives that fate will not allow us to pass by. Because of this fateful belief, Ronda, partially out of anger from her past relationships and a strong dose of ego, refused to see the red flags and spiritual warnings all around her, and is faced with the reality of her decision that will turn her life upside down. Very secure in her Christian beliefs but not wise enough for the street wizards who love to prey on the innocents, she walks through the door into the fast past world of scheme and deception, blindfolded.

Much like lady justice who has purposely chosen to be blind to justice in the courts, Ronda too was blind to the streets and the business world of investments, and took the chance to dream without doing any research to ensure her dream would become a positive reality for her and family. At the end of a failed marriage and lost in a lustful drive for pleasure Ronda’s naivety quickly spirals out of control.

Does she have what it takes to stand the test of time and will her new flaming love, H.D., be there when all the ugliness unfolds?

Sitting Behind The Gates Of Hell (Book 2)
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How much thought have you put into the actions you’re about to take? Are you prepared to face the consequences of your decisions? For Ronda, it no longer matters how much time she spent or if she’s prepared to face the reality of her decisions; the federal gates she must walk through are very real and what lies behind them has no compassion for what god you believe in. All alone with nothing left but her broken ego and the will to survive, Ronda’s nightmare behind the gates of hell begins.

Now at Alderson Federal Prison for women, the unimaginable has happened and what Ronda has yet to find out is just how raw prison life truly is. Yes, women prisoners can be just as fierce as men and in many cases even worse: Alderson will prove to be no exception as she will soon learn by example. As Ronda does her time she quickly learns how to maneuver and tries to settle in but will she be able to keep herself together or will she brake to the harsh reality of prison life and become another statistic lost in the system?

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