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Dear artists,

After so many requests, we have decided to create this route to be able to include songs in our playlists on Spotify. So, welcome to the official song submission form for our playlists on Spotify (

Q: How many songs can I submit?
A: Firstly, check all of our playlists and make sure your song fit in them. Please only submit 1 song per week.

Q: Is the submission free?
A: Yes, 100% free. We will not request fee to include your song in our playlists.

Q: How long does it take until my song gets reviewed?
A: We know how important it is for you that your song is included in a playlist. We will try to expedite the process, but it depends on the requests number we receive.

Q: How do I know when you will listen to my song?
A: All received songs are added to the list chronologically. You can see and follow the playlist with all songs here:

Q: Will you notify me if you listened to the song?
A: I only notify artists when we add the song to the playlist.

Q: Can I choose the playlist for my song?
A: Currently it is not possible, we will include your song in the playlist that best fits.

- Following & Sharing! -

Please, don't forget follow all our playlists and share them!. This way, your music will go further. This is One For All, All for One!

Reviews New Age Team,
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