Stop Police Terror Project-DC Skills & Interest Survey
As Stop Police Terror Project-DC grows and expands its work, we want to be able to fully use the depths of talent and skills within our community. There is no task or talent too small for this work. It takes all of us. Please note: Completing this survey will give us a well of individuals to mobilize depending on the needs of the moment but if you don't hear from us for a bit, don't worry!

Currently, our work falls in one of three categories -- Policy/Advocacy, Base-building, and Events/Logistics. Choose one or all three!

Our policy work has some specific needs to support our current and emerging work, while our base-building and events work are just getting off the ground.

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For POLICY/ADVOCACY, do you have any interest, skills or experience in any of the areas below?
Are you interested in helping us BUILD CONNECTIONS within and across neighborhoods? Tell us about your interest or experience.
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Are you interested in helping us PLAN EVENTS events and trainings? Tell us about your interest or experience.
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Do you have an awesome talent or skill not listed here? Let us know!
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