Mix Nights Application - Tottenham
- There are 8 places on this course.
- You must be aged over 18 and identify as female, non-binary or trans to apply.
- The deadline for applications is 8pm on Wednesday 14th October.
- Please do not apply if you cannot make ALL the course dates and the showcase date. It is important you can attend every session.
- There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers you can give in your application!
- All teaching on this course will be on CDJS, ie. using digital music and USBs.
- The course is for beginners and teaches basic skills with the aim for each participant to perform a 30 minute set at the end of term showcase event at The Cause.
- Tutors on this course will be: Glade Marie, Saoirse, OK Williams, Shanti Celeste

Mix Nights Tottenham will take place on the following dates at The Cause (https://www.supportthecause.co.uk)

Tue 20 Oct, 5-7pm
Tue 27 Oct, 5-7pm
Tue 03 Nov, 5-7pm
Tue 10 Nov, 5-7pm
Tue 17 Nov, 5-7pm
Tue 24 Nov, 5-7pm
Tue 01 Dec, 5-7pm
Mon 07 Dec, 5-7pm
Tue 08 Dec, showcase event, 6pm-10pm

Mix Nights costs £160. Payment is required via bank transfer. If you are offered a place on the course, you must pay the cost within 48 hours, otherwise, your place will be offered to someone else.

We are mindful of people on low or unstable income, so please let us know in your application if you would need to pay in instalments.

There are also some FREE places available on this course and also some 'Pay What You Can' places, thanks to support from the Arts Council. If you are struggling financially, please let us know in your application as you may be eligible for one of these places.

Read more about our work: https://saffronmusic.co.uk

- The course has been fully risk-assessed to be COVID-safe. You will each be placed with one other participant and a tutor in a bubble 'trio'.
- You will need to wear masks.
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If you feel that you may be eligible for a free bursary or discounted place on the course due to financial difficulties, please let us know here.
Diversity & Inclusion
Collecting data on the diversity of applicants is important to help us gain a better understanding of where there may be inequalities and barriers to opportunities and to progression – a necessary step in working towards a more inclusive and representative community.
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